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studio2stage The Irish Music and Dance Experience for Irish step dancers and musicians. studio2stage is an educational and vocational program for aspiring performers to gain experience and knowledge of what it's really like behind the scenes of a major Irish music and dance show production. This is the only opportunity for aspiring performers to be a part of a professional show and to experience what working in a touring production offers. studio2stage includes two fully live performances at Wilkins Theatre, Kean University, New Jersey and you could be on stage as part of the elite cast performing to the public.
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Date studio2stage takes place from Saturday 28th July 2018 to Sunday 5th August 2018 with two live performances at Wilkins Theatre, Kean University.
Location Kean University, 100 Morris Avenue, Union, New Jersey, USA.
Dancers: All Irish dancers, age 15+ can to audition to join the cast of studio2stage and our team of professional choreographers to develop their show dancing skills and have first hand experience of what it's like to be a professional dancer on tour! Many of our former studio2stage dancers are now performing as part of the cast of all of the Irish dance touring shows around the world.
Note for CLRG dancers and teachers: As agreed with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha; Dancers from CLRG schools taking part in studio2stage are NOT associated with each other.
Musicians: All musicians can audition to join the cast of studio2stage. We are privileged to have two of the finest musical directors in the world, Mr Anthony Davis and Mr Liam O'Sullivan (aka Anton&Sully) and they will carefully select musicians from the audition process to be part of the studio2stage experience and will tutor those selected musicians the full show score.
One Hundred Performers .... Nine Days .... One Show!

studio2stage brings together the very best non-professional musicians and dancers and turns their dreams into a reality! Our world class musical director and choreographers will work together to bring out the best in each and every performer to create a full scale live show production. Our focus is on providing a vocational program which will assist our students achieve their goal of becoming successful fully ready Irish dance performers and musicians which will give them the edge when they choose to audition for work with all touring shows. Dancers and musicians will witness first hand, life as a professional performer, experience living away from home, making new friends, immersing yourself in nine days of intense rehearsals and watching a full scale show production come to life! You will also learn about stage production, choreography, line management, the role of a tour manager, the role of a dance captain, musical director, what to look for in your first touring contract and more! Acquiring a sound understanding of the business of performance is an absolute necessity for any modern day performer. This will be an opportunity for those musicians, singers and dancers to have an insight into the world of professional show performance. The knowledge and experience gained of the performance industry will allow you to focus more readily on what is important to you as a performer.




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