AnthonyDavisAnthony Davis

Musical Director

Anthony is considered to be one of the finest young composers and arrangers to come from England in recent years and has composed, the original songs for the show Irish Celtic and has researched and arranged the traditional tunes in his own distinctive style. His adaptation of classic film scores from Braveheart, Titanic and Last of the Mohicans into dynamic, inspirational soundtracks for the stage have been met with universal acclaim. His unique fusion of Celtic music with jazz, funk, and percussive rhythms create modern versions of traditional tunes that are upbeat, infectious, and unforgettable.

Anthony was immersed in the Irish music and dance scene from an early age, learning the complex syncopated rhythms of traditional Irish dance music while observing daily classes at his mother’s dance school. He went on to study music, but he attributes his musical experience to playing in many improvised musical gatherings, known as 'sessions', in Irish pubs and folk festivals around the world. Anthony has revolutionised the relationship between choreography and music. He has a unique ability to listen to performance ideas and bring them to musical life. As opposed to dancers creating choreography to music, Anthony writes music specifically to suit choreographies, adapting and evolving the tunes to suit the dancer’s needs.

The calibre of his music, versatility and creativity as a composer, has made him one of the most sought after musicians in traditional Irish music and dance. Anthony has played at competitions across the globe including the World Championships, All Irelands, Great Britain’s, All Scotland, European Championships, American Nationals, Australian Nationals and the New Zealand Nationals. He has worked alongside choreographers Jim Murrihy and Denise Flynn of Damhsa on numerous projects and events and has worked and toured with many Irish dance shows across the world.

His CD Anton and Sully'is the definitive training CD for students of Irish dance of all ages. Equally adept on keyboards, accordion and guitar, his own contemporary Irish music group Kayna achieved a top ten review in the Irish music Magazine.

The quality of the artists who choose to work with him is indicative of the respect he has attained at a comparatively early age from the masters of the arts of Irish music, theatre and dance.




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