Going into studio2stage I was honestly very apprehensive. However, I can honestly say I had one of the best weeks of my life with the most amazing people. I never would have imagined this experience would affect me this much. I miss everyone so much and I already want to go back. Not only was dancing on that stage one of the best feelings ever, I made life long friends and I became so close with the choreographers. I'm so grateful for this amazing opportunity and I hope to be back next year for another great run.
Date of Posting: 06 August 2015
Posted By: Nicole Whalen
2015 cast member
I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first arrived in New Jersey for Studio2stage, but by the end of just the first few days I was so in love with the experience and never wanted it to end. I'm so thankful and glad that I got to spend nine days doing what I love with some amazing people. I would love to thank Michelle and Jim, the amazing choreographers Miriam, Aidan, Zach, and James, and the rest of the cast and crew for making my Studio2stage experience amazing!
Date of Posting: 06 August 2015
Posted By: Sarah Miller
2015 & 2016 cast member
When Jim Murrihy said in the beginning of the week that we would make friends for life at s2s, I did not fully believe him. I was WRONG. Thanks to everyone who made my days at s2s and experience of a lifetime ! Thanks to all the choreographers, producers, Siobhan with the costumes, as well as the musicians who helped put together an amazing show for us dancers! This has been an amazing opportunity I was glad to take part in and to have a glimpse of what I hope will be my future ! Love you all especially team Broadway, and Emilie Nasseh and Aidan Garvey. I would like to especially thank Michelle for all you have done for everyone this past week. Yourself, Jimmy and Susie did an amazing job producing and putting together the show!! I got compliments about how professional it looked and was even asked if this show went on the road! Going into studio2stage, I knew I wanted to do professional shows after I finished high school. As the week proceeded and the dances started to develop, it confirmed my decision and gave me the determination to excel and reach my goals for the coming year and future! Many thanks to you and the s2s team again for everything you have done. Hope to see you again next year ! xx
Date of Posting: 05 August 2015
Posted By: Fiona Fay
2015 cast member
Hi all!

I wanted to say once again thank you so much for the amazing opportunity that was given to me in the last 9 days. I don't think words could describe how extremely good I felt as I held that final pose as the crowd went wild. I was looking for that extra push, that little different something different and studio2stage did help me find what I was looking for!

Thanks so much,

Abby Coyman
Date of Posting: 01 September 2014
Posted By: Abby Coyman
2014 cast member

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