July 25th to August 2nd 2020CAST MEMBER PROGRAM
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The online auditions for studio2stage 2020 will begin soon. Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a professional performer? Realize your dreams at studio2stage, the Irish music & dance experience. Register and complete your audition online and join the studio2stage cast on stage.

July 25th to August 2nd 2020 at Kean University, New Jersey, USA. We have no set closing date for auditions however places typically fill up quickly, we would recommend you complete your audition as soon as possible.

Apply Now

studio2stage - The Irish Music and Dance Experience is an educational program for Irish dancers and musicians to learn about and to experience whats involved in becoming professional performers. studio2stage is located in Kean University, Union, New Jersey, USA and the program commences in July each year and runs for 10 days. At studio2stage you will experience all that's involved in putting a music and dance show on stage. We bring together musicians, singers and Irish dancers to Kean University in New Jersey and turn their dreams into a reality! studio2stage is the original show school and it's a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience to help you in your future performing career. This is the only opportunity worldwide for performers to become part of a professional show production and to experience what working in a touring production offers. studio2stage includes two fully live performances and you could be on our stage as part of the elite cast performing to the public.

For Dancers: All Irish dancers can apply via audition to join the studio2stage cast and our team of professional dance choreographers to develop their show dance and performance skills and have first hand experience of what it's like to be a professional dancer on tour!.

Note for CLRG dancers and teachers: As agreed with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha; Dancers from CLRG schools taking part at studio2stage are NOT associated with each other.

Note for An Chomhdháil dancers and teachers: Dancers taking part at studio2stage are NOT affected by the Workshop Penalties Policy.

For Musicians: All musicians can apply via audition to join studio2stage. We are privileged to have three of the finest musical directors in the world, Mr Anthony Davis and Mr Liam O'Sullivan (aka Anton&Sully) and Mr Sean O'Brien and they will carefully select musicians from the audition process to become cast members and an integral element of the studio2stage band and they will tutor those select musicians in the full show score.

The Cast Member Program includes .......

There is no cost to send your audition ... just sign-up and complete your audition profile. The audition will be reviewed and successful cast will be offered a place on the program. The program is $1695 for the nine days and a booking deposit of $450 will secure your place. The balance will be due 60 days before studio2stage begins. The cast member program includes...

Dancers: 9 days of training and performance rehearsals with five world class dance choreographers. studio2stage is an incredible experience for any dancer making the transition into the professional world of dance, Dancers acquire the one thing producers are looking for in their potential employees....real world experience!

Musicians: 9 days of training, mentoring and rehearsals with our two musical directors. This is an opportunity for musicians and singers to have an insight into professional show performance. The knowledge and experience gained of the performance industry will allow you to focus more readily on what is important to you as a performer

Performance: You will be the cast of two full scale Irish music and dance show performances in Wilkins Theatre. The theatre, located on the campus and featuring state-of-the-art sound, audio, video and lighting will be the venue for the studio2stage shows "That's Dancing" and all of the dancers and musicians will be on stage performing to a full house.

Costumes: The shows are fully costumed productions and the costumes are designed and manufactured by our in house costume design team who will also be on campus throughout the week for fittings.

Each performer receives a per diem payment for their show performance in line with the current rate for touring shows.

Accommodation: Eight nights accommodation at Cougar Hall in Kean University, housed in a secure environment, this brand new modern apartment building built in 2018 has two bedroom apartment houses for four performers. Males and females are located on separate floors and each apartment has two bedrooms and bathroom. Each bedroom contains two beds, two wardrobes, two work desks and the apartments have AC. There are common areas and a games room with sofas, TV, vending machines and free laundry on the first floor.

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Learn about stage production, choreography, line management, the role of a tour manager, social media and communication, the role of a dance captain, musical director, CV preparation, how to prepare for an audition, what to look for in your first touring contract and more!

Get yourself noticed! Exposure to Irish music and dance touring show producers and talent acquisition managers

Meals: Full catering for all your meals is provided on campus and water-coolers are provided at rehearsal studios and theatre

mission2manhattan: The studio2stage cast will travel to Times Square for a special live performance during the week. Be a part of the cast performing on the streets of Manhattan

Themed Awards Night: studio2stage host a 'themed' evening event during the week for everyone to get dressed up and to enjoy some time out from rehearsals

Free WiFi everywhere on campus

Complimentary studio2stage T-shirt

Laundry facilities provided for all of the cast

All cast members will receive a Kean University ID and will not be permitted to leave the campus grounds unless it is a planned excursion with the group leaders.

Group leaders & chaperones will be on duty on the campus 24/7 during studio2stage


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