• Anton & Sully
    Anton & Sully


    We have everything you need to aid you and your dancing school throughout life within the world of competitive Irish Dancing. From music for your grades, right up to the open dancer, you'll find it all in one place!

  • Perfect Point
    Perfect Point

    The Perfect Point stretches the muscles on the top of the foot, while strengthening those in the arch.  In just minutes a day, a dancer can achieve stronger, more flexible foot musculature, ultimately improving arch and point work.

  • Kessler Rehabilitation Center
    Kessler Rehabilitation Center

    Specializing in the care and treatment of dancers, musicians and other performing artists

    ● Performance Screenings ● Biomechanic Assessments ● Injury Rehabilitation ● Injury Prevention Education

  • Marie Duffy Foundation
    Marie Duffy Foundation

    A Passion for Irish Dance. The Marie Duffy Foundation has been established to provide financial assistance to aspiring dancers, musicians and choreographers so they may fulfil their dreams in the world of Irish Dance.

  • Ryan & O'Donnell
    Ryan & O'Donnell

    Ryan & O’Donnell are about creating excellence in footwear which is ‘designed for purpose’, offering supreme comfort, the correct support, unsurpassed sound definition, out the box flexibility and the ultimate shock dispersing system to help maintain healthy feet in such a rigorous sport as Irish Dancing

  • Sheil EntertainmentAgency
    Sheil EntertainmentAgency

    Extensive experience and first hand knowledge in theatre, public, private and corporate industry practices fully equips the S.E.A. Team with the vital understanding, contacts and expertise paramount to ensuring a truly memorable occasion for you.

  • The Dance Factory
    The Dance Factory

    Welcome, the Dance Factory is a brand-new innovation in the provision of high quality dance facilities, based in the modern and safe environment. Suitable for any type of dance or exercise.

  • Dublin Dance Shop
    Dublin Dance Shop

    One stop shop for all dancers, specializing in all things Irish Dancing, Wigs, Pomps, Socks, Pacelli, Rutherford, Capezio and many more and we also have a complete range of embroidered products, Hoodies, Zippis, Shorts.

  • Ceol agus Rince
    Ceol agus Rince

    Fáilte to Ceol Agus Rince Promotions specializing in producing and hosting events for Irish traditional music, dance, songs, stories, Event planning and publicity

  • Titanic Dance
    Titanic Dance

    A love story on the Titanic sets the scene for a breathtaking performance. Featuring 20 world class Irish dancers and live traditional music.  Titanic Quarter, Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • DanceBLING

    Irish Dance Solo Dresses - Irish Dance Team Dresses - Clothing and Practicewear

  • Coughlans Irish Imports
    Coughlans Irish Imports

    Our mission is to provide our community with unprecedented service, quality and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our products as we are careful to select only the very best. We strive to treat each dancer the way we would want our own dancers to be treated. We are hoping to fill a much needed gap of Irish Dance supplies and service on the spot. 

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  • Beyond Competition
    Beyond Competition

    Over 40 stars from major Irish dance shows worldwide have come together to contribute to the Beyond Competition book. The stars featured in the book, have made major contributions to Irish music and dance in the fields of choreography, music, singing, dancing, producing and directing. 

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  • American Celtic Christmas
    American Celtic Christmas

    The 6th annual performance of An American Celtic Christmas. This family friendly show has become a tradition for thousands in the Philadelphia area, featuring live rock, Irish music, traditional and modern dancing, a state of the art light show, as well as a visit from Santa Clause. For tickets and information visit www.AnAmericanCelticChristmas.com.

  • Damhsa

    Damhsa produce and direct high end corporate shows in Ireland and throughout Europe. Our extensive network of performers enables us to cast the top performers from Ireland's leading commercial dance shows as well as drawing on traditional dance community to form a diverse, professional and highly talented company.

  • Ready To Feis
    Ready To Feis

    Fitness and conditioning, mental preparation, the feis look, performance - we interview the experts and bring all the information you need together into one place so you can dance your best, every time.